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In Kiribati, there are no more official subdivisions but it is possible to divide Kiribati geographically into three groups of islands:

Kiribati was divided into 6 districts until independence:

Four of the former districts (including Tarawa) lie in the Gilbert Islands, where most of the islands' population lives. Only three of the Line Islands are inhabited, while the Phoenix Islands are uninhabited apart from Kanton (31 people) and have no representation. Banaba itself is sparsely inhabited now (295 people in 2010). There is also a representative non-elected of the Banabans relocated to Rabi Island in the nation of Fiji.

Island Councils[edit]

There are a total of 21 inhabited islands in Kiribati. Each inhabited island has its own council. Two atolls have more than one island councils: Tarawa has three and Tabiteuea has 2, for a total of 24 local councils.

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