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Kirill Preobrazhenskiy (born in 1970, Moscow, Russia) is Russian artist, participant of Documenta 12.[1] Works mainly with video and installations.

With his video and installations Kirill researches theory of media, semiotics and pop-culture and its relation to everyday reality. Being personally interested and involved in social spheres, from techno-culture to contemporary forms of political protests, Kirill addresses abstract ideas as if they were material and can be expressed aesthetically.[2]

One of the pioneers of video art in Russia.


From 1990 to 1993 took part in activities of group Van Gogh TV, for example in project Piazza Virtuale,[3] at documenta 9 in 1992. Was a part of Out-Governmental Control Commission [4] Founded label VIDIOT.[5] Now he is professor of New Media faculty in The Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia. Holds Cheremushki apartment gallery.

Selected exhibitions[edit]

  • 1991 — «He» (with A. Belyaev). School Gallery, Moscow.
  • 1992 — «He» (with A. Belyaev). Museum of Paleontology, Moscow.
  • 1994 — «JU-87» (with A. Belyaev). Regina Gallery, Moscow.
  • 1994 — «Laboratory of frozen subsoil». Free Academy, Moscow
  • 1997 — "Platinum century. Fancy-dress party" (with A. Belyaev), Center of contemporary art, Moscow.
  • 2001 — «Subject and power. Lyrical voice», Art-Moscow, Moscow.
  • 2003 — «Plan №9» (with A.Smirnsky), XL-gallery, Moscow
  • 2006 — «Love songs» (with S.Glushkova), Paperworks Gallery, Moscow
  • 2006 — «Re-action» (with Radek Community), Play-gallery for still and motion pictures, Berlin
  • 2002/07/09 — «ISM I, II, III» («Incredible Strange Museum»), XL-gallery, Moscow; Central House of Artist, Moscow
  • 2007 — History of Russian Videoart. Vol.1, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow
  • 2007 — «Documenta 12», Kassel
  • 2007 — Ottobre. Uscita, Desiderio e Memoria, Artra, Milan
  • 2008 — Industrial Lies, Dispari & Dispari Project, Reggio Emilia
  • 2009 — History of Russian Videoart. Vol.2, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow
  • 2010 — Objects in Mirror Are Closer than They Appear: About videoart in Russia, Futura, Prague
  • 2010 — History of Russian Videoart. Vol.3, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow


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