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Kirit Nanubhai Shelat (born 1946) was an Indian public administrator. He worked for the government of Gujarat, India as head of various government departments and public undertakings.. After retirement, he associated with various NGOs and Trusts.


Shelat earned a PhD in public administration.


He designed and implemented large-scale projects for poor families, farmers, and micro entrepreneurs and remote rural areas. He contributed to the development of Gujarat. He developed guidelines for micro-level planning with focus on individual poor family and village development plan. He was responsible for the "cluster development approach" for small industries and "Step up project for rural micro level Entrepreneurs".

He developed micro level production plan modules for individual farmers and helped restructure the agriculture sector. He introduced a new extension approach of meeting with farmers at their doorstep prior to monsoon by a team led by an agriculture scientist. He introduced scientific agriculture based on soil health and moisture analysis and providing a soil health card to every Gujarati farmer. Gujarati agriculture grew at 11% per annum through 2015.

He is a founding member of International School for Public Leadership and Executive Chairman of National Council for Climate Change Sustainable Development and Public Leadership (NCCSD) and Chairman of the Sub Group – "Enhancing Preparedness for Climate Change". He organized the Indian Planning Commission for the 12th Five Year Plan.


He retired from the Indian Administrative Service. He worked on the formulation and implementation of policies for agricultural, rural and Industrial development in Gujarat.


He is author of books related Rural and Agricultural Development and Mitigation of Global Warming and Public Leadership.

  • Yug Purush–Biography of Param Pujya Pramukhswamiji Maharaj–English Edition–2004, Gujarati Edition–(2005), Hindi Edition (2006)–Shree Bhagwati Trust–Ahmedabad., Telugu edition – 2007
  • Planning for Rural Development (Vol.1)–methodology for Micro Level Planning for Rural Development–1980–Gujarat State Rural Development Corporation–Gandhinagar, Gujarat–India.
  • Planning for Rural Development (Vol. II)–Evaluation of Rural Development Programme–guidelines for Field Level Officers–1982. Gujarat State Rural Development Corporation, Gandhinagar, Gujarat–India.
  • Evolution of Rural Development–1988–Kathan Education Communication Unit, Ahmedabad–India.
  • Mapping Development based on Gujarat Experience (English Edition)–April 2003–Shree Bhagawati Trust–Ahmedabad, and Gujarati Edition–May 2004 Navbharat Publication, Ahmedabad–India.
  • Tauka and Village production plan–May 2005–Anand Agriculture University, Anand, Gujarat–India.
  • Manual for farmers for crop production plan–May 2005 (Khedut Marg Darshak–Gujarati Version)–Junagadh Agriculture University–Junagadh, Gujarat–India.
  • Kirishi Mahotsav–2005–Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Government of Gujarat–August 2005.
  • Leadership by Choice and not by Chance–August 2007 (to be released shortly.
  • Nayamurti Shri. Nanubhai Shelat Smruti Granth–June 2008
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