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Kirkfield is a village located in the city of Kawartha Lakes, in the Canadian province of Ontario. The unincorporated village was named in 1864 after the initial name, Novar, was rejected by the government. A list of 8 possible choices was then offered. The village, being predominantly Scottish at the time, chose Kirkfield, after Kirk' o' Field in Edinburgh.[1] It is home to Lock 36 of the Trent-Severn Waterway, a hydraulic lift lock which connects Canal Lake and the artificially flooded Mitchell Lake. And is also home to Lady Mackenzie Public School which contains an average of about 450 students and 25 staff and faculty. Travellers and commuters pass through Kirkfield regularly while travelling on Highway 48 (Now Portage Road) west towards Highway 12 and east towards Highway 35.

The village of Kirkfield is located north-northwest of Lindsay at the junction of Kawartha Lakes Road 48 and Kawartha Lakes Road 6 (Formerly highways 48 and 503, respectively).[2]

Facts and figures[edit]

Kirkfield Lift Lock
  • Kirkfield is home to the famed Sir William Mackenzie Inn, built in 1888 and rumoured to be haunted.[4]
  • Kirkfield's Lock 36 is also a 15 metre high hydraulic liftlock constructed between 1896 and 1907. Additional construction of an updated electrical and hydraulic system was completed between 1965 and 1966.[5] It is the second highest lift lock in Canada.
  • Kirkfield was the childhood home of Pat Burns who went on to start the Calgary Stampede and build one of largest meat packing and ranching empires in the world.


Coordinates: 44°33′45″N 78°58′45″W / 44.56250°N 78.97917°W / 44.56250; -78.97917