Kit Berry

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Kit Berry
Occupation Author
Genre Fantasy, Urban fantasy

Kit Berry is the author of the Stonewylde series, a fantasy series set in the fictional community of Stonewylde.[1][2]


Kit lived in Weymouth in Dorset for many years, where she studied for her first degree in English and Media Studies at Weymouth College. She then trained to be a teacher, and taught at local schools.[3]

She is currently a full-time author and initially published the Stonewylde series under her own self-created publishing label Moongazy Publishing before signing with Orion Publishing,[4][5][6] citing online social networking as one of the reasons behind the series' success.[7]


  • Magus of Stonewylde
  • Moondance of Stonewylde
  • Solstice at Stonewylde
  • Shadows at Stonewylde
  • Shaman of Stonewylde


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