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Kitab (Arabic: کتاب‎), also transcribed as kitaab, kitáb, or kitāb, is the Arabic word for book, from the root K-T-B. The word is also used in the Persian, Hindi, Bengali, Sylheti, Nepalese, Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Punjabi, Indonesian, Urdu, and Rutulian, as (kitab), as well as in Assamese (as "kitap"), Swahili (as "kitabu"), Tatar, Kyrgyz, Turkish (as "kitap"), Serbo-Croatian (as "ćitap") languages and in some contexts in Greek ("κιτάπι"). The word is also related to katav, the Hebrew word for reporter. It is part of titles of many Arabic language books. Some prominent examples are:

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