Kitty Cats

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Kitty Cats
Genre Children's television series
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
Location(s) Ontario
Running time 22 minutes
Original network TLC
Original release 1992 – 1997

Kitty Cats was a Canadian children's television series that aired between 1992 and 1997.

The series was produced originally in French under the title "Pacha et les chats" and was later dubbed to English for the U.S. market; the series aired on TLC's Ready Set Learn block. The series also aired on YTV in Canada.


The series focused on the adventures of three animal friends: two kittens named Tango and Ricky and a puppy named Charlie. Tango and Ricky live in their own house in the country side while Charlie lives in a small cave in their backyard.

The three meet up every day and play together at the backyard of Tango and Ricky's house. Tango and Ricky's backyard also has a large tree which is the home of an absolutely massive bird named Flap, who is a good friend of the main characters and easily eight times their size, and visits them frequently.

Along the series the main characters spend most of their time making up games and stories to act out and learn about life and friendship.

Main characters[edit]

  • Tango – A female calico cat who likes to play with her friends.
  • Ricky – A male tabby cat, and Tango's younger brother.
  • Charlie – A male puppy who goes to school with his unknown friend, Eugene.
  • Flap – A multicolored bird who travels the world.
  • Rosie – A female fox-like dog who is friends with the other characters.
  • Willie – A mischievous hedgehog who plays pranks on his friends.

Voice Actors[edit]

Character French voice U.S. voice
Tango Johanne Rodrigue Sonja Ball
Ricky André Meunier Thor Bishopric
Charlie Michel P. Ranger Michael Rudder
Flap Richard Lalancette Rick Jones
Rosie Louise-Anouk Ouellet, Sylvie Comtois Pauline Little
Willie Richard Lalancette Terrence Scammell

Alternative Titles[edit]

  • Pacha et les chats (French title)
  • קיטי קט וחומי (Hebrew title)
  • A Turma dos Gatos (Brazilian title)
  • Gatos Rabinos (Portuguese title)
  • Pachá y los Gatos (Mexican title)

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