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Kjosfossen haldeplass 2.jpg
Coordinates60°44′50″N 7°08′09″E / 60.747333°N 7.135834°E / 60.747333; 7.135834Coordinates: 60°44′50″N 7°08′09″E / 60.747333°N 7.135834°E / 60.747333; 7.135834
Elevation670 m (2,200 ft)
Owned byNorwegian National Rail Administration
Operated byNorwegian State Railways
Line(s)Flåm Line
Distance339.76 km (211.12 mi)

Kjosfossen Station (Norwegian: Kjosfossen holdeplass) is a railway station in Aurland, Norway, on the Flåm Line. It is 4.40 kilometers (2.73 mi) from Myrdal Station, 339.76 kilometers (211.12 mi) from Oslo Central Station and 670 meters (2,200 ft) above mean sea level. The station opened in 1951 as Kjosfossen kraftstasjon, but took the current name from February 1977. There are no residents in the area and the station only exists to allow tourists to step off the train and see the large waterfall Kjosfossen - which can be viewed from the station's platform. It is also the site of Kjosfoss Power Station.[1][2]


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