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kkStB Class 112 / BBÖ Class 112 / DRB Class 69.01
Number(s) kkStB 112.01–02
BBÖ 112.01–02
DRB 69 011
Quantity 2
Manufacturer Krauss/Linz
Year(s) of manufacture 1907
Retired 1937, 1942
Wheel arrangement 2-2-2T
Axle arrangement 1A1 n2vt
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Length 7,550 mm
Height 4,558 mm
Wheelbase 3,500 mm
Overall wheelbase 5,050 mm
Service weight 31.6 t
Adhesive weight 14.3 t
Top speed 75 km/h
Driving wheel diameter 1,450 mm
Leading wheel diameter 870 mm
Trailing wheel diameter 870 mm
No. of cylinders 2
LP cylinder bore 400 mm
HP cylinder bore 260 mm
Piston stroke 550 mm
Boiler Overpressure 15 atm
No. of heating tubes 128
Heating tube length 2,500 mm
Grate area 1.03 m2
Radiative heating area 5.20 m2
Tube heating area 39.60 m2
Water capacity 3.0 m3
Fuel 1.36 t coal

The Austrian steam locomotive class, the kkStB Class 112 was an express train tank engine operated by the Imperial Austrian State Railways (kaiserlich-königliche österreichische Staatsbahnen or kkStB).

In order for the kkStB to provide a fast feeder service to express train stations, a requirement arose for small, fast locomotives. Karl Gölsdorf designed Class 112 for this purpose. The engines were well built, enabled a top speed of 100 km/h to be attained for short periods of time and could haul 100 tonnes continuously at 80 km/h. On their deliver in 1907 by Krauss in Linz the two engines were fitted with a small smokebox superheater, that was later removed.

The small locomotives were initially used to haul newspaper trains between Vienna and Linz. Later they hauled the shuttle (Pendler) between Hütteldorf and Unterpurkersdorf, a connecting line to the Vienna Stadtbahn, where they travelled in the centre of the train.

Number 112.02 was retired in 1937, whilst 112.01 went into the Deutsche Reichsbahn as number 69 011 where it was withdrawn from service in 1942.


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