Klauzál tér (Budapest)

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Klauzál Square, Budapest

The Klauzál tér (or Klauzal Square) was the largest square in the former Jewish quarter of Budapest, Hungary. Located in the seventh district, it was the heart of the city's old Jewish quarter.[1]


The original name of this square was Stephans Platz. After 1874, it was known as István tér. In 1907, the square was named after Gábor Klauzál.[2]

A theater opened in the square in the year of 1872, but was destroyed in an 1874 conflagration. A shopping hall (market) opened in 1897, in the place of former theater; this was the third shopping hall in Budapest.

Jenő Brandi lived in this area.


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Coordinates: 47°29′59″N 19°03′49″E / 47.499779°N 19.063722°E / 47.499779; 19.063722