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Kleinschmidt, Inc.
Industry B2B e-Commerce, EDI, CLM
Founded 1931
Headquarters Deerfield, Illinois
Area served
Key people
Harry Gaples (CEO); Bob Schmidt (President)
Website www.kleinschmidt.com

Kleinschmidt Inc. was established in 1931 by Edward Kleinschmidt.[1] It is a privately owned firm that provides electronic commerce, electronic data interchange, and value-added network services. Its headquarters are in Deerfield, Illinois.

Edward Kleinschmidt was one of the inventors of the teleprinter, one of the first electronic commerce devices.


1893 - Edward Ernst Kleinschmidt started working with telegraphy;
1898 - Edward E Kleinschmidt opened his own experimental shop;
1906 - George Seely joined Kleinschmidt’s shop with a partially developed block system for electric trolley car railways;
1910 - Exhibited at the Association of American Railroads Communications Convention;
1910 - Kleinschmidt started to receive multiple patents;
1914 - Kleinschmidt Electric Company was founded;
1924 - Kleinschmidt Electric merged with the Morkrum Company to form Morkrum-Kleinschmidt Corporation;
1928 - The company name was changed to Teletype Corporation;
1930 - The Teletype Corporation was sold to AT&T for $30,000,000 in stock;
1931 - Kleinschmidt Laboratories Inc. was founded;
1944 - Edward E. Kleinschmidt demonstrated his lightweight teleprinter at the Chief Signal Officer;
1949 - The Kleinschmidt 100-words-per-minute typebar page printer was made the standard for the Military;
1956 - Kleinschmidt Laboratories Inc. merged with Smith Corona which merged with Marchant Calculating Machine Company shortly thereafter, forming SCM;
1979 - Started to provide Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Car Location Message (CLM) services;
1986 - Hanson Trust acquired SCM Corporation. Harry S. Gaples, then Kleinschmidt division president, purchased the division from Hanson Trust.

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