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[1]Kline Iron and Steel was a company based in Columbia, South Carolina. Established on February 23, 1923, as Kline Iron and Metal Co., since 1953 was primarily known for the construction of broadcast towers. This includes the world's tallest completed man-made structure, the KVLY-TV mast, surpassed only by the recently completed Burj Khalifa.

History Timeline:

  • 1923- Kline Iron and Metal, Co. founded.
  • 1984- Central Tower founded.
  • 2001- Central Tower is acquired by Dielectric Communications.
  • 2004- Dielectric Communications acquires Kline Iron and Metal Co.
  • 2005- Central Tower and Kline Tower merge to form Dielectric Tower Operations.
  • 2006- Dielectric Tower Operations sold to Liberty Industries to form Tower Innovations.

While in addition to owning the original Kline Iron and Metal tower portfolio, Tower Innovations also provides structural design studies of existing Kline towers.

As a certified AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) fabricator, Tower Innovations provides "consistent dependability" and remains the manufacturing leader of communication towers and associated products.


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