Klondyke Kate

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Klondyke Kate
Birth nameJayne Porter[1]
Born1962/1963 (age 55–57)
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s)Klondyke Kate
Billed height5 ft 4 in (163 cm)[2]
Billed weight20 st (280 lb; 127 kg)[1]

Jayne Porter is an English female professional wrestler known by her ring name Klondyke Kate. She wrestled primarily for ITV's World of Sport program in the 1980s. She also wrestled for All Star Wrestling, holding their British Women's Championship.

Professional wrestling career[edit]

In 1977, Porter began wrestling at the age of 14 in Blackpool, answering a crowd challenge.[2][3] She was trained at the same facility as fellow English wrestler William Regal.[2] Her first match was at a bar with wrestlers The Cherokee Princess and Rusty Blair.[2] Porter wrestled both men and women early in her career.[2] In 1982, she embarked on a tour of Japan.[2]

In the 1980s, Porter—as Klondyke Kate—could be seen on ITV's World of Sport wrestling male wrestlers such as Big Daddy and Tony St. Clair.[1] Porter was involved in the first legal female wrestling in the city of London took place in 1987 at Albert Hall.[2] In 1989, Porter was a part of a BBC2 documentary called Raging Belles from the television show Forty Minutes.[2] The documentary covered Porter defeating Nicky Monroe for the British Women's Championship in All Star Wrestling.[3]

She is interviewed in Simon Garfield's 2007 book The Wrestling about the history of British wrestling.[4] Also in 2007, she was played by Miranda Hart in Tim Plester's short film World of Wrestling.

Porter's retirement match was in December 2011 against her daughter Connie Steele.[2] In 2018, she was the first inductee of Pro-Wrestling: EVE's Hall of Fame.[3] She was featured on BBC1's The One Show in January 2019.[3]

Personal life[edit]

Porter had six miscarriages and suffered from both anxiety and depression.[1] After landing on her stomach during a match, she discovered she was over eight months pregnant with her son Adam;[1][3] his father was wrestler Ian Dean.[2] Her daughter Connor is also a professional wrestler known as Connie Steele.[1] Her marriage ended in 2002.[1] She also gave birth to another son in 2003

After retiring from wrestling, Porter worked with disadvantaged youth and became a foster parent.[1] Also, after her weight ballooned to 28 stone, she underwent gastric bypass surgery, losing over 14 stone.[1][2]

Championships and accomplishments[edit]


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