Knife Edge (film)

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Knife Edge
Knife edge movie poster.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Anthony Hickox
Produced by Fiona Combe
Pippa Cross
Janette Day
Written by Robb Squire
Fiona Combe
Anthony Hickox
Starring Natalie Press
Tamsin Egerton
Hugh Bonneville
Music by Guy Farley
Cinematography Daniel Bronks
Edited by Daniel Hubbard
120dB Films
Knife Edge Films
Lipsync Productions
Distributed by Seven Arts International
Release date
  • 19 October 2009 (2009-10-19)
Running time
90 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Knife Edge is a 2009 British thriller film directed by Anthony Hickox and starring Natalie Press, Hugh Bonneville and Tamsin Egerton.[1]


A successful Wall Street trader returns to Britain with her family, but her new home in the countryside contains a disturbing secret. Her understanding of this secret is complicated by her husbands' difficulties and losing his job. In trying to hide this, he uses gaslighting to trick her into believing she is going insane.

Her son Thomas's new friend Tobias, has the same name as the little boy who was murdered in the house 30 years ago. This difficult and clever doubling blurs what is truth and what is a delusion.



Anthony Hickox directed the thriller and was produced by Fiona Combe, Pippa Cross and Janette Day.[2] It was produced by Seven Arts Films and is the return of Hickox to the horror genre. Hickox shot the film in London and the Home Counties, England, UK.[3] The film based on a screenplay from Fiona Combe, Anthony Hickox and Robb Squire.[4]


The film was released on 19 October 2009 in the UK over Scanbox Entertainment[5] and is set for an US release on 20 April 2010.[6]


The score was composed by Sphere Studios founder Guy Farley.[7]


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