Know Ye Not Agincourt?

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Know Ye Not Agincourt?
Author Leslie Barringer
Illustrator C. Walter Hodges
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series The Nelsonian Library No. 37
Genre Historical novel
Publisher Thomas Nelson and Sons
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardback)
Pages 213 + ix

Know Ye Not Agincourt? by Leslie Barringer is a historical novel set in fifteenth century England and France. It concerns the adventures of an English squire and his friends, their taking part in the month-long Siege of Harfleur and the Battle of Agincourt, and its bitter consequences for all of them. It ends with a brief and unknowing meeting with the young Joan of Arc. The book was published by Nelson in 1936 and has not been republished since. Although written for younger readers, it exhibits some of the high literary quality of the Neustrian trilogy.

Chapter headings of the 1936 edition:

  1. In the Valley of Mallerstang.
  2. Silver Stars and a Golden Claw.
  3. The Two Faces of Ingleram Todd.
  4. The Mustering of the Army.
  5. Two Sides of the Narrow Seas.
  6. The Striding of St. George.
  7. St. Crispin's Day at Agincourt.
  8. Soldiers garlanded with fame.
  9. Two French Ladybirds.
  10. Round about a Loathly Ditch.
  11. In the Marshes of Lorraine.