Kočani Orkestar

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Kočani orkestar
Kocani Orkestar.jpg
Kočani Orkestar performing with Beirut
Background information
Origin Kočani, Macedonia
Genres Balkan Brass Band
Balkan Music
Years active 2006-present
Labels Crammed Discs
Divano Productions
Associated acts Beirut
Website http://www.divanoprod.com/ViewPage.aspx
Saban Jasarov
Redzai Durmisev
Nijazi Alimov
Sukri Zejnelov
Suad Asanov
Ajnur Azizov
Durak Demirov
Turan Gaberov
Sukri Kadriev
Dzeladin Demirov

Kočani orkestar (in Macedonian: Кочани оркестар) also credited under the names: Kocani orkestar, Kocani Orchestra, Kochani orkestar and Kochani Orchestra is a Macedonian Romani brass band from Kočani, Macedonia led till 2000 by Naat Veliov. Kočani orkestar are among the funkiest exponents of the Balkan brass band style which is found across ex-Yugoslavia and is a direct descendent of the music once played by Turkish army bands. They come from the city of Kočani, in Macedonia. Their music is based on Gypsy tunes from various parts of the Balkans and on Turkish rhythms, with a sprinkle of Latin flavour.

Their song "Siki, siki baba" is featured on the soundtrack for the movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan although it has no connection to the Music of Kazakhstan. Together with the Romani singer Esma Redžepova, Naat Veliov has filed a lawsuit for the producers of the movie for an unauthorised use of the song.[2][3]


  • A Gypsy Brass Band (1995)
  • L'Orient Est Rouge (1998)
  • Gypsy Mambo (1999)
  • Ulixes (2001) with the Harmonia Ensemble
  • Alone At My Wedding (2002)
  • The Ravished Bride (2008)
Contributing artist


Kočani orkestar in action
Ajnur Azizov - in Macedonian, Turkish and Roma
Saban Jasarov
Redzai Durmisev
Nijazi Alimov
Sukri Zejnelov
Suad Asanov
Durak Demirov
Turan Gaberov
Sukri Kadriev
Dzeladin Demirov[4]
Vinko Stefanov

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