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Map of Northern Mu Ko Ang Thong

Ko Phaluai (Koh Phaluai, Koh Paluay) or "เกาะพะลวย" in Thai, is the biggest island in the Mu Ko Ang Thong island group. It is inhabited by sea-gypsies who still earn a living from fishing.


It is where the capital village of the island chain (Ban Ao Sam) lies. The Islands size is 19.1 km² and has a population of 500. Together with a small portion of land on Ko Samui Island where the town of Bang Makham lies, The Mu Ko Ang Thong islands are part of Ang Thong Subdistrict of Ko Samui District, Surat Thani.


The island is still very new to tourism. There are very few tourists on the island. There are few accommodations as well. There are few home stays and resorts. One of the most famous resort is Angthong Beach Resort.

There are many activities tourists can do on the island:
- Take a tour to Angthong Nation Marine Park
- Take a tour around the island by fisherman's long tail boat
- Fishing tour with local fisherman
- Visit island's view point
- Trakking
- Visit beaches around the island
- Visit fisherman villages
- Kayaking around the island or to Ko Kluai

Table of Islands[edit]

Nr Island Capital Other Cities Area (km²) Population[a]
1 Ko Chueak Ko Chueak 1.62 0
2 Ko Nok Taphao Ko Nok Taphao Ao Kruat, Ao Pla, Ao Uttra, 3.32 200
3 Ko Phaluai Ban Ao Sam Ban Ao song, Ban Ao Nueng, Ao nathap, Ao luek 19.1 500
4 Ko Raet Ko Raet 0.07 50
5 Ko Sam Sao Ko Sam Sao 0.85 0
6 Ko Wua Chio Ko Wua Chio 0.26 2
7 Ko Wua Talap Ang Thong Station Ao Phi 6.06 10
8 More Islands 10 0
Total: Mu Ko Ang Thong Ban Ao Sam Ko Nok Taphao 40 692

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  1. ^ The Islands area and population data retrieved from the 2012 census


Coordinates: 9°31′40″N 99°41′04″E / 9.52778°N 99.68444°E / 9.52778; 99.68444