Go Deuk-jong

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Go Deuk-jong
Hangul 고득종
Hanja 高得宗
Revised Romanization Go Deuk-jong
McCune–Reischauer Ko Tǔk-chong

Go Deuk-jong (?-?) was a scholar-official of the Joseon Dynasty Korea in the 14th century.

He was also diplomat and ambassador, representing Joseon interests in the tongsinsa (diplomatic mission) to the Ashikaga shogunate in Japan.

1439 mission to Japan[edit]

King Sejong dispatched a diplomatic mission to Japan in 1439. This embassy to court of Ashikaga Yoshinori was led by Go Deuk-jong. Its purpose was to foster and maintain neighborly relations (Gyorin diplomacy); and assistance from the shogun was sought in suppressing the pirate raids from those known in Korean as waegu or in Japanese as the wakō.[1]

The Japanese hosts may have construed this mission as tending to confirm a Japanocentric world order.[2] Go Deuk-jong's actions were more narrowly focused in negotiating protocols for Joseon-Japan diplomatic relations.[1]

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