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Kodjo Amegnisso Tossou (born 24 December 1966, in Sokode) is a Togolese politician and business man.[1] Kodjo Amegnisso Tossou studied at Dakar-Senegal and received a degree in organizational management from Sheck Anta Diop University. After working for a number of pharmacies in Togo, he established a network of businesses in West-Africa as a merchant of high-tech goods, representing brands from Europe. In 1990 Kodjo Amegnisso Tossou founded World Aid for Children Inc.

As founder and CEO of World Aid for children Inc. Kodjo Amegnisso Tossou has spent much of his career supporting, educating, serving and representing the needs of disadvantaged children. He serves to help disadvantaged children to become self-sufficient through educational and vocational training.[citation needed]

In 1990 he founded the Association of the Struggle against Unemployment[citation needed]. Kodjo Amegnisso Tossou returned to Togo in April 1992 and founded the Togolese Labour Party (Parti Liberal Togolais-PLT)[citation needed]. He has led the party since its foundation in May 1992.


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