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Kohei Japan is a famous Japanese hip-hop emcee, and a member of the Japanese rap group, Mellow Yellow. He was born in Yokohama, Japan, and discovered rap and hip-hop while working as a chef. [1] Many of his songs illustrate the contrasts between his Japanese culture and Western hip-hop influences. Indeed, in his song "Hungry Strut"[2], he proclaims that he eats "rice, not bread, and fish, not meat", thereby asserting that while being a member of the hip-hop culture, he remains Japanese. He shows his attachment to Japanese culture by wearing a traditional kimono in many of his appearances. In fact, on his album "The adventures of Kohei Japan", he appears on the cover as a kabuki character in a woodblock print.[1] On the album cover, his hands make the universal "funk" sign, showing the contrast between a traditional Japan and a hip-hop culture.



  • The Adventures of Kohei Japan (File Records, 2000)
  • Funky 4 U (Sony Music Japan, 2003)
  • Family (Pony Canyon, 2008)


  • Together Forever (Sony Music Japan, 2003)


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