Kold Sweat Records

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Kold Sweat Records
Kold Sweat Records Logo.jpg
Founded 1990
Founder Anthony Powell (Tony Powell)
Status defunct
Distributor(s) Pinnacle Entertainment
Genre Rap
Country of origin U.K.
Location London
Official website www.koldsweat.com

Kold Sweat Records was a British independent record label specializing in hip hop music, based in Askew Road, London. The label was founded in 1990 by Tony Powell,[1] who was the Managing Director, CEO at MCA Records between 1987 and 1992.[2] Upon leaving MCA Powell created Kold Sweat [3] which was considered as a small project specific to the Rap Music genre. He later employed Angelo Starr as Recording Engineer who was brother to late Edwin Starr. The label had originally been created as an alternative to directly address the growing and popular trend of the emerging new and unsigned British Rap acts throughout the UK. In 2003 he was diagnosed with an illness which made him slow down and eventually retire in 2006.[4]

Artists who recorded for Kold Sweat Records included;

The label closed in 1994 when Tony Powell became Director, CEO of Pinnacle Entertainment


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