Kolešino Falls

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Kolešino Falls
Kolešino Waterfall 2018 (1).jpg
Kolešino Falls in 2018
LocationMunicipality of Novo Selo, Macedonia
Longest drop15 m (49 ft)

Koleshino Falls is located above the village of Kolešino in the Municipality of Novo Selo in the southeastern region of the Republic of Macedonia.

Flowing from the Baba River, the waterfall is found at an elevation of 610 metres on the Mount Belasica. The waterfall gently falls over the stone cliffs nestled in the forest of Mount Belasica at a height of 19 metres (62 ft.) in multiple watery streams only to reform into the river below.

The waterfall is beautiful in every season and continually changes to reflect nature which surrounds it. In the winter, these fragile streams can become frozen and in the spring, strengthened by the recent rainfalls, the gentle streams rush more powerfully over the cliff sides.

Kolešino Falls is a major tourist attraction for the Municipality of Novo Selo. It is open year-round, and the site is continuing being developed to meet the needs of visitors. Currently, the site has a wooden bridge to view the waterfall, benches to take a brief rest and even a picnic area with a covered gazebo and grilling area. The municipality has long term plans to build a restaurant and hotel near the site, as well as additional walking paths and improvements to the access road.

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Coordinates: 41°22′07″N 22°48′25″E / 41.36861°N 22.80694°E / 41.36861; 22.80694