Kolumpo (film)

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Directed by Sheikh Munasar, Bront Palarae, Rozi Izma
Produced by Sheikh Munasar, James Wong, Bront Palarae, Rozi Izma
Written by Sheikh Munasar, Bront Palarae, Rozi Izma
Starring Sharifah Amani
Azad Jazmin
Nell Ng
Ruminah Sidek
Soffi Jikan
Amirul Ariff
Mano Maniam
Edited by Mirage Post
Country Malaysia
Language Malay, English
Budget RM 1 million ($308,928)
Box office RM 290,000 ($89,598)

Kolumpo is a Malaysian anthology film scheduled for release on 5 December 2013. It is a collection of three multilingual short stories directed by Bront Palarae, Sheikh Munasar, and Rozi Izma. The film is produced by the directors alongside associate producer James Wong under the production company Otto Films SDN BHD.

Set in Kuala Lumpur, the story weaves together the common themes of life, hopes and dreams. The cast includes Sharifah Amani, Azad Jazmin, Ruminah Sidek, Nell Ng, Mano Maniam, Soffi Jikan, Sabri Yunus, Sherry Alhadad, Along Eyzandy, Radhi Khalid and Emely Poon.


Rahul, an Indian immigrant arrives in town to discover that the company that offered him a job has gone out of business. He is helped by a local restaurant owner and begins his life in the city as an illegal immigrant worker.

In Setapak, Gienna is a Chinese woman in her thirties who is constantly avoiding phone calls from her mother. She finds herself spending an afternoon helping a stranger, a senile old lady, who cannot remember where her house is.

In Ampang, Hafidd, a young man, meets a pretty stranger at the KLCC LRT station after they both miss the last train. For someone who has never dated anyone in his life, this is a life-defining moment and his only chance at love.

Together the three stories create a collage of the human connections that give life to the city.

There are hidden messages in each of the three short stories. The first story shows the injustice in life can receive further injustice; the second portrays kindness across racial barriers, despite issues of racism in different levels of the Malaysian society; while the final installment delivers a subtle message: When one opens his mind to see the beauty in life, life can be beautiful.


Main cast[edit]

Supporting Actors[edit]

  • Amirul Affendi as Amin
  • Emely Poon as Joyce
  • Jee Kutty as Little One
  • Rosnah Mat Aris as Anak Nek Wok
  • Azhan Rani as Azhan
  • Along Eyzandy as Mat Rempit
  • S. Nirmell as Arjun
  • Nadia Aqila as Siti
  • Fairuz Fee Tauhid as Nurul
  • Prakash Krishna as Ameerdepp
  • K.S Maniam as Boss
  • Nigel Kok Yi Jun as Aboy
  • Yadiy Taufik as Budak Basikal


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