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Komet Amps is an American manufacturer of boutique guitar amplifiers, based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. According to Guitar Player magazine, many consider them to be "torchbearer for the late Ken Fischer of Trainwreck Circuits",[1] since the company got its start producing the Fischer-designed Trainwreck K60.[2] Since then the company has begun producing models they developed themselves; the Komet Aero 33, a single-channel 33-watt amplifier head was a Guitar Player Editors' Pick. Trainwrecks never had their electric components hidden in epoxy however, Komet's Aero 33's resistors and capacitors "are individually concealed in black shrink wrap".[1] In 2009, Premier Guitar reviewed the Komet 19, giving it a 5 out of 5 rating, praising the sound and the "astonishing workmanship".[3]


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