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Komikoo is a monthly magazine in Malaysia that publishes high-quality comics from renowned Malaysian artists. Noradz Production Sdn. Bhd is the publisher of the Komikoo.[1] Since its debut in 2008, Komikoo has published 8 issues so far, with different artists contributing to its content. Notable Malaysian artists like Aadi Salman, Zafran, and artists from another monthly publication, Ujang, have contributed to this publication. The komikoo is free to contributed by another person that can makes a story, which the comics are contain 8 pages. Komikoo helps the artist to published the comic.


Komikoo was on hiatus for 2 months, in April and May 2008, caused by a technical crisis, but it returned with its new comic Komikoo #3 in June 2008.

List of Komikoo's Comics[edit]

  • Komiko #0, the first comic, published in November 2007
  • Komiko #1, published in January 2008
  • Komiko #2, published in March 2008
  • Komiko #3, published in June 2008
  • Komiko #4, published in July 2008
  • Komiko #5, published in August 2008
  • Komiko #6, published in September 2008
  • Komiko #7, published in November 2008
  • Komiko #8, published in February 2009

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