Komm, süßer Tod (film)

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Komm, süßer Tod
DVD Cover
Directed by Wolfgang Murnberger
Produced by Danny Krausz
Kurt Stocker
Written by Wolf Haas
Josef Hader
Wolfgang Murnberger
Based on Komm, süßer Tod
by Wolf Haas
Starring Josef Hader
Simon Schwarz
Barbara Rudnik
Michael Schönborn
Bernd Michael Lade
Nina Proll
Karl Markovics
Reinhard Nowak
Music by Sofa Surfers
Edited by Evi Romen
Distributed by DOR Film
Release date
  • 22 December 2000 (2000-12-22)
Running time
104 minutes
Country Austria
Language Viennese German

Komm, süßer Tod (Come Sweet Death) is a 2000 Austrian darkly humorous crime film based on the novel by Wolf Haas of the same name. It is one of the Brenner detective stories, which tell of the luckless life of ex-policeman and unsuccessful private investigator Simon Brenner, who tramps throughout Austria and stumbles upon difficult crime cases.

Brenner is portrayed by one of Austria's most famous comedians, Josef Hader. "Komm, süßer Tod" was produced by DOR Film, the Austrian Film Institute and ORF.

The film won the Romy Award for being the most successful Austrian movie of 2001.


Former police officer and luckless private investigator Simon Brenner has become an emergency medical technician, having been fired from the police force because he slept with his boss's wife. He only wants to keep out of trouble and keep a steady job for a while, but finds himself caught up in a war between two rival EMS organizations.

Brenner is dragged back into his old detective life when a well-known nurse falls victim to a double murder in a hospital. The weary Brenner does not care, but his young and idealistic EMS partner Berti is eager to investigate. Soon after this another murder occurs — this time a fellow paramedic is the victim.

Brenner finally realizes that he has to solve this case, if only to return to his quiet and blissfully uneventful life of late. Slowly but stubbornly plodding along, he uncovers the ugly truth as he is confronted with the bitter war between rival ambulance companies.


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