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Konstantin Nikolsky in 2007

Konstantin Nikolaevich Nikolsky (Russian: Константин Николаeвич Никольский; born 1 February 1951 in Moscow) is a Russian rock musician, singer, guitarist and songwriter. He has played with a lot of Russian bands, including Voskreseniye and Tsvety


He started back as an amateur in the late sixties with Moscow band "Atlants" with Alexander Sikorsky. He worked in official bands during the 70s, most notably a guitarist for Stas Namin band "Tsvety" and "Festival". Working for Festival he wrote songs for films

In the summer of 81 he joined the band Voskreseniye as a songwriter and guitarist. Writing hit songs such as "O Chem Poyot Nochnaya Ptitsa" ("Of What the Night Bird Sings") and "Zerkalo Mira" ("The Mirror of the World"), the band shot to fame, and these songs became instant classics.

He only recorded one album with Voskreseniye: "Voskresenie 2". It, was recorded in a basement of an old office over three days, and is perhaps the most well known album from them.

In 1983 he left Voskreseniye and joined back with "Festival".

After finishing the Gnesini school of guitar music in 84, Nicolsky left "Festival" and formed his own musical group "Zerkalo Mira". The band disbanded three years later, shortly after taking part in the big concert "Rock Panorama", playing alongside bands like Bravo and Rando. They did not record any albums.

After the breakup of "Zerkalo Mira". Nicolsky was joined by pianist M. Shevtsov and guitarist A. Berezovsky, and he started work on his solo project He moves towards a calm acoustical style that fits in perfectly with his musical material. In 1990 his band is joined by bass guitarist and friend A. Kuzmichev and drummer I. Kostikov.

Eventually he recorded his first solo album in 1991 and he began touring immedialty afterward. Playing songs from this album. The band was asked to play live on hit Russian TV shows such as "Live water", "Rock-n-roll TV" and "Program A".

The band's listeners are from a wide spectrum, the young people who can relate to Nikosly's songs, and the older folks who know Nikolsky from his work with Voskreseniye.


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  • 1996 — One look back
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  • 2001 — 50. Anniversary concert in the State Central Concert Hall "Russia" (Live)
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  • 2002 — Starry series
  • 2003 — Alive string, acoustic album (Live)
  • 2003 — My white birds. Gold Collection
  • 2003 — Grand Collection
  • 2003 — Legends of Russian rock. Gold Collection
  • 2003 — Encyclopedia of Russian rock
  • 2004 — I only can dream of my life
  • 2004 — The legends of the genre. The best songs. I am myself from those
  • 2004 — The Mood for Love
  • 2006 — Favorite songs .RU
  • 2007 — Illusions
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  • 2009 — Soyuz Gold. Musician

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