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Position of Kontula within Helsinki
Position of Kontula within Helsinki
Country Finland
Sub-regionGreater Helsinki
Subdivision regionsnone
2.71 km2 (1.05 sq mi)
Postal codes
Subdivision number471
Neighbouring subdivisionsVesala, Vartioharju, Myllypuro, Kurkimäki, Kivikko, Mellunmäki

Kontula (Swedish: Gårdsbacka) is a quarter of Helsinki, Finland, part of the Mellunkylä neighbourhood. Due to its little higher than average concentration of government tenant housing complexes, immigrant and refugee population it is regarded as an average eastern Helsinki suburb.

Kontula has been built mostly in the 1960s and 1970s when apartments were required in Helsinki. Many people from the city centre moved to Kontula.

Metro expanded to Kontula in 1986 which made it easy to reach the area. The Kontula Metro Station is daily used by 20,000 people.

Kontulan Ostoskeskus, the mall[edit]

Kontula offers services to its inhabitants. There are various grocery stores, banks, pharmacies and over 20 shops and around 20 bars, Kontulan Ostoskeskus (The Shopping Centre or the mall)opened in 1967. The Shopping Centre also includes the health centre, a library, a swimming pool, gym, and a skateboard hall.

Mikaelinkirkko (church) in Kontula.

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Coordinates: 60°14′09″N 25°05′00″E / 60.23586°N 25.08325°E / 60.23586; 25.08325