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Kopecky are a progressive rock instrumental band of three brothers based in Racine, Wisconsin who combine a number of elements including metal, classical, pop, eastern music and fusion together to create a unique sound. Since their inception in 1997, their intense music is characterized by virtuoso musicianship, soaring melodies, and dark-tinged experimentation.

The band members (brothers) are:

  • William Kopecky, 4 string fretless and 6 string fretted basses, keyboards, and sitar
  • Joe Kopecky, 6 and 7 string electric guitars
  • Paul Kopecky (d. June 22, 2009), acoustic and electronic percussion


  • Kopecky (Mellow Records/Italy, Self-released/USA 1999)
  • Serpentine Kaleidoscope (Cyclops Records/England 2000)
  • Orion A Live Performance (M.A.C.E. Music 2001)
  • Sunset Gun (Musea Records 2003)
  • Blood (Unicorn Digital 2006)