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Kore may refer to:

  • Kore, the Greek goddess Persephone
  • Kore (sculpture), a type of Ancient Greek sculpture depicting a young female.
  • Kore people, a people on Lamu Island in Kenya
  • Kore, an ethnic group living in Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples State, Ethiopia
  • Io Matua Kore, god of many Polynesian religions
  • Neoregelia 'Kore', hybrid cultivar of the genus Neoregelia in the Bromeliad family
  • Korea, a peninsula in Asia through Turkish pronunciation



  • Prabhakar Kore (born 1947), Indian politician and member of Rajya Sabha
  • Vinay Kore (born 1971), Indian regional politician in Maharashtra
  • Akshayraj Kore (born 1988), Indian Chess Player from Maharashtra

Arts and entertainment[edit]



  • Kore (comics), a comic-book series by Josh Blaylock and Tim Seeley


  • KORE, an AM radio station in Springfield, Oregon, USA
  • KORE Wireless, American company headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia
  • Kore, a video game for Android
  • Kore press, an independent publisher based in Tucson, Arizona
  • Kore (energy drink), Energy drinks
  • Kore, a bot for the game Ragnarok Online, and its fork Openkore
  • KoreAm, monthly print magazine covering Asian-American communities


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