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The Korea General Machinery Trading Corporation is a large North Korean machine company. The company is headquartered in the Tongdaewon District near the capital, Pyongyang.

The company imports steel, chemical raw stock, and machine tools. The company produces machine tools, metal parts, gears, electric motors, generators, hydroelectric generators, pumps, valves, mining equipment, rolling stock and other machinery.

Taean Heavy Machine Complex[edit]

An important part of Korea General Machinery is the Taean Heavy Machine Complex in Tongdaewon. This is where its hydroelectric generators and other thermal power generating equipment is manufactured, including turbines, motors, transformers, etc. Taean manufactures different sizes classes of hydroelectric equipment in its Tongsuse Class including a 50,000 kVA generator. The factory complex is up-to-date in its computerization.

Huichon Machine Tool Factory[edit]

Huichon Machine Tool Factory in Huichon is North Korea's leading manufacturer of heavy-duty machine tools for domestic use and for export. The 50-year-old factory group is involved in machine tool production processes including steel-making, casting, processing, assembly, painting and packing. Product is produced on serial basis and small lot basis.

Its output of precision machine tools includes an assortment of spline-grinding machines and industrial lathes.

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