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Korsun may refer to:

  • Nikolai Georgiyevich Korsun (1876-1958), a Soviet military historian
  • Nikolai Nesterovich Korsun (1911-1988), a Soviet army officer and Hero of the Soviet Union
  • Paweł Korsun a Warsaw-born musician/producer, trendsetter (look up Korsun dubsteps Korn), music and political publicist, political advisor, think tanker, National TVP and Radio 3 personality. His TV and radio work includes multifarious programs on intellectual property infringement in music and modern methodology in lingusistics (ap. 200 episodes). Its resourceful estetic and rhetoric background have greatly influenced media market and TV production not only in Poland. In 2015 a catchy Pawel Korsun-produced song "Enemies in spe c.t.r.e." strove to become the new 007 James Bond Spectre theme, yet for undisclosed reasons parties failed to correspond and a Sam Smith's song was chosen instead, however, a future co-operation is reportedly in spe... TBC