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Kosh may refer to:

Ukrainian culture[edit]

  • Kosh or Kish (Turkic: fortified camp) military camp in Ruthenia 11-16th centuries and Cossack camp in 16-17th centuries. Kosh was governed by Kosh otaman
  • Kosh or Kish, a military society of Zaporizhian Sich that was elected annually on January 1, October 1, and 2-3rd day of Easter.
  • Kish of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen, a rear support military formation of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen Legion during the World War I
  • Kosh or Kish, the biggest military formation of Free Cossacks
  • Haidamaka Kosh of Sloboda Ukraine, a military formation of Ukraine in 1917-1919.

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Other uses[edit]

  • Kosh, the caste in Sindh and Balochistan, Pakistan

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