Kosuzume Toge

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Kosuzume Tōge
Directed by Koroku Numata
Written by Rokuhei Susukita
Starring Banya Ichikawa
Shinpei Takagi
Tamataro Ichikawa
Kaoru Akiyoshi
Tsumasaburo Bando
Cinematography Saichiro Hashimoto
Release date
1923 (Japan)
Running time
39 minutes (Digital Meme DVD)
48 minutes (Disk Plan DVD)
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Kosuzume Tōge (小雀峠, Kosuzume Pass) is a 1923 black-and-white Japanese silent film directed by Koroku Numata. It is significant because it is the oldest preserved film featuring jidaigeki star Tsumasaburo Bando, appearing in a minor role. The value is further increased by the film being one of the very few extant works featuring the period-drama star Banya Ichikawa in the lead.


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