Kotwal (surname)

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Kotwal (Marathi: कोतवाल) is a surname found in Deshastha , CKP and Chitpavan Brahmin and Maratha communities in the state of Maharashtra, India. In Maratha community, Kotwal was a title conferred upon influential people similar to Inamdari or Deshmukhi.

The surname is also common among "Rajputs" in northern states in India, especially J&K and Himachal Pradesh. North Indian people with this surname generally belong, or can trace their lineage to the town of Bhaderwah in Doda District, J&K. There is a significant concentration of Kotwal community in and around the city of Jammu. Kotwal is the Title given to "Rajputs" of Bhaderwah.

Kotwal title is also common among Gurjars e.g. Kotwal Dhan Singh Gurjar.

Kotwal is also a surname used among the Parsis in India.