Koundi et le jeudi national

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Koundi et le jeudi national
Directed by Ariani Astrid Atodji
Produced by Goethe Institut
Screenplay by Ariani Astrid Atodji
Cinematography Isabelle Casez
Edited by Mathilde Rousseau Sebastian Winkels
Release date
  • 2010 (2010)
Running time
86 minutes
Country Cameroon

Koundi et le jeudi national is a 2010 documentary film.


Koundi is a large village with around 1,200 inhabitants, located in Cameroon's East Province. Aware of Koundi's richness in timber, the villagers decide to use it to alleviate poverty. They organise a union, the Organisation for Communal Interests, and create a cocoa plantation over several hectares to be able to depend on themselves. They also institute "National Thursday": Once a month, they all work on the development of the cocoa plantation. Village life is shown through the prism of self-management.


  • Dubai 2010
  • Griot de Ébano FCAT 2011