Krasnoklutchevskaya Dam

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Krasnoklutchevskaya Dam
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Krasnoklutchevskaya Dam is located in Russia
Krasnoklutchevskaya Dam
Location of Krasnoklutchevskaya Dam in Russia
Official name Krasnoklutchevskaya hydroelectric power
Location Krasniy Klutch, Bashkortostan, Russia
Coordinates 55°23′N 56°39′E / 55.383°N 56.650°E / 55.383; 56.650Coordinates: 55°23′N 56°39′E / 55.383°N 56.650°E / 55.383; 56.650
Construction began 2000
Opening date 2001
Operator(s) Rodnik Krasniy Klutch
Power Station
Installed capacity 0.2 MW

Krasnoklyuchevskaya hydroelectric power station is a small hydro power station in Nurimanovsky District Bashkortostan.


Hydroelectric power plant was built within a protected area on the karst source Krasniy Klutch, which gave its name to the village of Krasny Klutch. Designing power, engages in Gidroenergoprom (St. Petersburg), is constructed enterprise BashUralMonolit».

Capacity of small hydropower plants - 200 kW. Turbine Kaplan, the plan must be established yet and the second turbine. Owner: ZAO Bashuralmonolit.

Around the station there are two mutually exclusive views:

  • According to official figures, the power plant running, the additional activities of the enterprise is a part-time production of bottled water with the same name, which is active, supporting the economy of the district. Improvement location allowed us to solve the problems existed
  • In addition, there is a perception that the station to generate electricity has never been used, idle, and the construction has caused irreparable damage to the ecology of the area


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