Kripa Ram Barath

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Kripa Ram khiriya was a famous Rajasthani poet. He wrote the famous 'Rajia Ra Doha' on Ethics (नीति) in Rajasthani during the reign of Rao Raja Devi Singh.

The poet Kripa Ram born to Jagaramji of the Charan family in the Kharadi village of the then Marwar empire. Thakur Jalim Singhji of Kuchaman had given Jagir of Jasuri village to Jagaramji, the poet born there only. Then Rao Raja Laxman Singh Ji of Sikar had given Jagirs of Maharajpur and Laxmnapura in 1847 and 1858 to the poet after impressing by his great poetry and knowledge of Sanskrit. The poet Kripa Ram had written couplets "Rajia ra doha" or "Rajia Re saurathe" on ethics to make his servant Rajia immortal as asked by him in return of his great services to the poet. His couplets were 140, now out of that 127 only available.

One of his couplets is:

उद्दम करो अनेक, अथवा अनउद्दम करौ |
होसी निहचै हेक , रांम करै सो राजिया ||

The human does how much or doesn't,
but Rajia only that will happen which is decided by the God!