Krishan Bheel

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Krishan Bheel
कृष्ण भील
Born 1968
Occupation Politician

Krishan Bheel (Hindi : कृष्ण भील ) (born in 1968) is a Pakistani politician. He is one of the few Hindu politicians in Pakistan.[1] and belongs to the Pakistan Muslim League (N).

Early life[edit]

He was born in Hyderabad on March 1, 1968 in a Hindu family. He received his degree from Sindh University in 1990.

Slapping incident[edit]

In Pakistan's parliament, Bheel slapped a politician. During discussions, a member of Bheel's party condemned Pervez Musharraf. An opposing politician, Qari Gul Rehman recited a qaseeda in favour of Musharraf, and was then heckled by members of Bheel's party. After proceedings Rehman, approached Bheel and called him Hindu in a derogatory manner. Bheel then slapped him three times before the fight was broken up.[2]


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