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GenreSoap opera
Based onDevadasi practice and Krishnadasi novel by Indra Soundar Rajan
Written byIndra Soundar Rajan
Directed byPrabhoo Nepaul
StarringGemini Ganesan
Vietnam Veedu Sundaram
Suja Raghuram
Aravind Akash
Theme music composerD. Imman
Opening theme"Sigaram Parthai"
Nithyasree Mahadevan
D. Imman
Kadhal Mathi (lyrics)
Country of originTamil Nadu
Original language(s)Tamil
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes359
Producer(s)Prabhoo Nepaul
Production location(s)Tamil Nadu
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running timeApprox. 20-22 minutes per episode
Production company(s)Prabhoo Nepaul Telefilms
Original networkSun TV
Original release14 February 2000 (2000-02-14) –
25 October 2002 (2002-10-25)
Followed byIndira
Related showsKrishnadasi

Krishnadasi (Tamil: கிருஷ்ணதாசி) is a Tamil language soap opera aired on Sun TV. It aired from 14 February 2000 to 25 October 2002 at 7:30 PM every Monday to Friday. The show stars veteran actors Gemini Ganesan and Nagesh (guest appearance only) alongside Nalini, Vietnam Veedu Sundaram, Ranjitha, Aravind Akash and Suja Raghuram. The show was produced by Prabhoo Nepaul.[1]It is based on the novel written by Indra Soundar Rajan.[2] The title track was composed by D. Imman and sung by Nithyasree Mahadevan. Prabhoo Nepaul was the first Producer/Director to introduce Music Director D. Imman into the film and TV industry. It was Producer Prabhoo Nepaul who moved D. Imman's career from a musician to giving him the opportunity and chance of being a Music Director.[3]


  • Krishnadasi marked the debut of the actor Gemini Ganesan in Television and his last performance in a character.
  • Krishnadasi also marked the re-entry of actress Nalini into the media after a 14-year hiatus she took after getting married.
  • Krishnadasi title sequence is the first song composed by the now famous music director D. Imman.


Actor Character Name Character Description
Ranjitha Krishnaveni a dasi by birth, Meenatchi's mother and Manonmani's daughter - keeping the information about Meenatchi's father a secret for many years for reasons only known to her. Gowri's best friend.
Nalini Manonmani a dasi by birth, Krishnaveni's mother and Meenatchi's grandmother.
Gemini Ganesan Rudramuthi Sastri Sawaminatha Sastri, and Gowri's father.
Suja Raghuram Meenaatchi a dasi by birth, Krishnaveni's daughter and Manonmani's granddaughter.
Vietnam Veedu Sundaram Saama a procurer.
Rajasekhar Swaminatha Sastri(Deetchadhar) Rudhramurthi Sastri's son - father to six children, five daughters and one son.
Vijayalakshmi Santhanalakshmi Swaminatha Sastri's wife - mother to six children, five daughters and one son.
Aravind Akash- Credited as Arvinder Singh Sunderesan Swaminatha Sastri's sixth child and only son.
Anju Lecturer Kalyani Santhanalaksmi's sister. She became a widow on the same day she got married and remained a widow.
"Kalaimamani" Naanjil Nalini Pachaiamma village midwife, extorts Manonnmani to safeguard a secret of hers.
Menaka Gayathri Swaminatha Sastri's fifth child and youngest daughter.
Manjari- Credited as Vinothini Gowri/Gloria(after marriage) Rudhramurthi Sastri's daughter, married a man from a different religion against the wishes of her family. Krishnaveni's best friend.
David Ramesh David Gowri's husband, Rudhramurthi Sastri's son-in-law.
Raja Ravindra Muthukumarasaamy A brother figure to Krishnaveni and her well-wisher.
K.Manogar Godhandam Swaminatha Sastri's fourth son-in-law.
-- Visaalaatchi Swaminatha Sastri’s third daughter.
Shobana Sunandha Swaminatha Sastri’s first daughter. Lives in Mumbai. Tries to marry her daughter to her brother Sunderesan.
Shanthi Ganesh Sulochana Swaminatha Sastri’s second daughter. Lives in Delhi. Tries to marry her daughter to her brother Sunderesan.
-- Sowmya Sugandha's daughter. Tries to marry Sunderesan.
-- Maya Sulochana's daughter. Tries to marry Sunderesan.
-- Kokila(Koki) Swaminatha Sastri’s fourth daughter.
Rindhya Indrani Meenaatchi’s friend from college.


This serial revolved around the Devadasi practice that prevailed in Tamil Nadu almost a few years after India's independence and how the dasi women are treated by the society. The story followed the rivalry between Rudramuthi Sastri, a very powerful Brahman in that village and his family and Manonmani, the dasi of the village and her family in the small hamlet of Kandhanallur on the banks of the river Kaveri.

Manonmani, a dasi comes back to her ancestral village of Kandhanallur with her daughter, Krishnaveni after 15 years of exile from the village where she, her daughter and baby granddaughter, Meenaatchi, were exiled by the village's people. As soon as she arrives, she goes to meet Rudhramoorthi Sastri and his son Saminatha Sastri and vows that she will wreak havoc in their perfect lives like they wrecked hers 15 years ago.

Meanwhile, Saminatha Sastri's son, Sunderesan falls in love with Meenaatchi while they are studying at the college. Krishnaveni never revealed who was Meenatchi's father to anyone for reasons only known to her but Meenaatchi is determined to find out the truth. Pachiamma, the village midwife extorts Manonmani to safeguard a secret known only to them.

Gowri, Rudhramoorthi Sastri's daughter married a Christian man, David and because of that, her mother committed suicide. They have a son, Kirubakaran. Her family never forgave her and cut all ties with her. She is suffering from cancer now.

What is the reason for enmity between Manonmani and Rudhramoorthy Sastri? Why was Manonmani's family exiled from the village in the first place? Did Manonmani wreak havoc in Rudhramoorthi Sastri's family? Who is Meenaatchi's father and why is Krishnaveni keeping this a secret? What is the secret between Manonmani and Pachaiamma? What is the fate of the relationship between Sunderesan and Meenaatchi? These are the questions that are answered in the course of this serial with lots of twists and turns.


Krishnadasi was remade in Hindi under the same title, Krishnadasi, starring Shravan Reddy and Sana Amin Sheikh on Colors with significant changes in the story.

YouTube release[edit]

The episodes of Krishnadasi are being officially released by the production house in their KPTV YouTube channel in the second half of 2018, more than 18 years after the premiere of episode 1 of Krishnadasi on Sun TV in the year 2000.The uploading of the episodes was stopped after 127 episodes for some unknown reasons.

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