Krishnanagar, Agartala

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Krishnanagar is one of the most densely populated parts of the Agartala city. It constitutes the Royal Ujjayanta Palace which is now visitors point formerly Tripura Legislative Assembly. The most visited temples of Agartala like Jagannnatha temple, Laxminarayana temple, Durgabari temple and Alpkhbaba temple are situated in this locality.

Most popular restaurants of the Agartala city like Momos n More, Chathainog, Abba Cafe, Samba and Tandoori Hut are located here. This place is very popular among the youngsters and a very common place for hanging out.

Krishnanagar is populated with both Bengalis and Tripuris, living in harmony with each other. The biggest festival Durga Puja is celebrated with much of fun and joy by local clubs like New boys club, Mukti Shangha, Chhatra Shangha, Pragati, Nite Bullets club etc. These are one of the best local clubs of the city. Similarly Christmas is celebrated with the same manner in Agartala city Baptist church, Suparibagan, Krishnanagar.