Kristall Saratov

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Kristall Saratov
Kristall Saratov Logo.png
City Saratov, Russia

VHL 2010-present

Founded 1946
Home arena Sports Palace Kristall (5,000 seats)
Head coach Andrei Razin
Affiliate(s) Kristall-Yunior (MHL-B)

Kristall Saratov is an ice hockey team in Saratov, Russia. They play in the VHL, the second level of Russian ice hockey.


The club was founded as Bolshevik Saratov in 1948. They have gone through a number of name changes during their history.

  • 1949: Nauka Saratov
  • 1950: Iskra Saratov
  • 1954: Iskra Saratov folded.
  • 1958: Trud Saratov was founded as the successor to Iskra Saratov.
  • 1961: Avangard Saratov
  • 1965: Energiya Saratov
  • 1969: Kristall Saratov


  • Soviet League Class A2 champion: 1967, 1974, 1976

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