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Krka may refer to:



  • Krka (Croatia), tributary of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia
  • Krka (Sava), tributary of the Sava in Slovenia
  • Krka (Una), tributary of the Una in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Kerka River (Slovene: Krka), formed by Big Krka (Velika Krka) and Small Krka (Mala Krka), tributary of the Ledava in Hungary
  • Gurk River (Slovene: Krka), tributary of the Drava in Austria



  • Krka National Park in Croatia
  • Krka d.d. is also name of the pharmaceutical company in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, named after the Slovene river.
  • Krka monastery, a medieval Orthodox monastery in Croatia
  • KRKA (FM), a radio station (103.9 FM) licensed to serve Severance, Colorado, United States
  • KRKA, former callsign of KHXT, an FM radio station in Erath, Louisiana, USA

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