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Kroumata is a Swedish percussion ensemble founded in 1978 in Stockholm. The name derives from the ancient Greek word for percussion instruments.

The ensemble tours in Sweden and internationally, also as featured soloist ensemble in front of symphony orchestras.

Kroumata has recorded more than 20 albums, most of them on the Swedish label BIS, including the first digitally recorded CD ever to be produced in Sweden in the year 1983.

Kroumata have premiered over 200 works by composers such as Sofia Gubaidulina, Yoshihisa Taïra, Iannis Xenakis, Sven-David Sandström, Rolf Wallin, Hanna Hartman, Giovanni Verrando, Anders Eliasson, Britta Byström, Henrik Strindberg, Askell Masson, Georg Katzer, Mats Larsson-Gothe and André Chini among others.

In addition to their regular concerts, the group also gives masterclasses and educational performances.


  • Roger Bergström
  • Pontus Langendorf
  • Ulrik Nilsson
  • Johan Silvmark

Former members[edit]

  • John Eriksson
  • Ingvar Hallgren
  • Jan Hellgren
  • Anders Holdar
  • Leif Karlsson
  • Anders Loguin
  • Martin Steisner

Kroumatas members were formally employed within The Swedish Concert Council. Since the fall of 2008 they run their own organisation.


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