Krukowski Quarry

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Climactichnites burrow

Krukowski Quarry is a sandstone quarry near Mosinee, Wisconsin. In the late Cambrian period (510 m.y.a), this area was a beach and shoreline, and the quarry is well known for abundant fossil impressions of Climactichnites, Protichnites, and beached jellyfish, Scyphozoan Medusae. Pre-Devonian evidence of this jellyfish is exceedingly rare; this location and one in New Brunswick hold the only known fossils. The fossilized tracks of Climactichnites and Protichnites are also amongst the best preserved examples in the world. No fossilized remains of the either animal exist, making them enigmatic species. The quality and quantity of these fossil tracks in the quarry are extremely valuable to paleontologists.



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