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Kuk may refer to:

  • Kuk (mythology), is the deification of the primordial concept of darkness in ancient Egyptian mythology
  • Kuk, Bosnia and Herzegovina, a village in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Kuk, Tolmin, a settlement in Slovenia
  • Kûk or Kuuk, former settlement in Greenland
  • Kuk Swamp, an archaeological site in New Guinea with evidence of early agricultural drainage
  • Kuk River, a river in Alaska that drains into the Chukchi Sea
  • Kuk language, a language of Cameroon
  • Kepo' language, a possible language of Indonesia, ISO 639-3 code kuk
  • k.u.k., an abbreviation used for the German phrase kaiserlich und königlich ("imperial and royal"), generally a reference to the Austro-Hungarian Empire
  • Heung Yee Kuk, an advisory body for the New Territories, Hong Kong, colloquially known as "The Kuk"
  • Kük., standard botanical author abbreviation for Georg Kükenthal
  • Kasigluk Airport, IATA code KUK
  • KUK, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra (State University in Haryana).

See also[edit]

“谷”Chinese traditional is “穀”。

“谷”{Gu}[Kuk] is Chinese surname.

Chinese “Gu”, Cantonese “Kuk”.

Kuk surname with very small populations,Surnames in mainland China ranked 228 bits.

Kuk surname in today is a noble, the good name of the atmosphere, like Google's Chinese name “谷歌”.Silicon Valley Chinese “硅谷”.

“谷” translated into English is Valley.

Chinese Pinyin:gǔ 【Live sound】

Explanation in English:

cereal; gorge; grain; millet; paddy; vale; valley

【Medical】 gr; grain; granum; vallecula; valley

“谷”Related articles: 1.vale 2.vallecula 3.wadi 4.gulchs 5.strath 6.Paddy