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Kukenán Tepui
Kukenan Tepuy at Sunset.jpg
Kukenan Tepui
Highest point
Elevation 2,680 m (8,790 ft)
Coordinates 5°12′36.38″N 60°49′52.18″W / 5.2101056°N 60.8311611°W / 5.2101056; -60.8311611Coordinates: 5°12′36.38″N 60°49′52.18″W / 5.2101056°N 60.8311611°W / 5.2101056; -60.8311611
Kukenán Tepui is located in Venezuela
Kukenán Tepui
Kukenán Tepui
Location of Kukenan Tepui
Location Venezuela
Parent range Guiana Highlands
Mountain type Plateau
Easiest route Hike

Kukenán, also known as Matawi, is a tepui in Guayana Region, Venezuela. It is 2,680 metres (8,790 ft) high and about 3 km (1.9 mi) long. Kukenan Falls, which is 674 m (2,211 ft) high, is located at the south end of the tepui.[1]

Kukenán is located in Canaima National Park. Next to Kukenán, to the southeast, is Mount Roraima, a better known tepui. Kukenán is more difficult to climb, so it is ascended much less frequently than Mount Roraima.[2]

Scenery on top of Kukenán provided inspiration for the 2009 film Up.


Images of Kukenan Tepui
Kukenán as seen from Mount Roraima
Kukenán-tepui as seen from Mount Roraima 
Kukenán viewed from the base
Kukenán viewed from the base 
Kukenán Falls


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