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Capital island of South Thiladhunmathi Atoll
Kulhudhuffushi is located in Maldives
Location in Maldives
Coordinates: 6°37′N 73°03′E / 6.617°N 73.050°E / 6.617; 73.050Coordinates: 6°37′N 73°03′E / 6.617°N 73.050°E / 6.617; 73.050
Country Maldives
Geographic atoll Thiladhummathi Atoll
Administrative atoll Haa Dhaalu Atoll
Distance to Malé 274.15 km (170.35 mi)
 • Length 2.900 km (1.802 mi)
 • Width 1.800 km (1.118 mi)
 • Total 12,500
Time zone MST (UTC+05:00)

Kulhudhuffushi (Dhivehi: ކުޅުދުއްފުށި) is the capital of Haa Dhaalu Atoll administrative division and geographically part of Thiladhummathi Atoll in the north of the Maldives.Kulhudhuffushi is known as the Heart of North.

The island is one of the biggest and most populous island in the Northern part of the Maldives. People from the island is popular for shark fishing and working in cargo vessels. The island was affected by heavy rain and storms causing substantial damages in the years 1812,1819 and 1921. The island was also affected during the Keylakunu storm.

Notable residents[edit]

Culture and Traditions[edit]

Kadhaa Maali: A Folk dance from kulhudhuffushi

This dance, of which the origin is unknown and dates back a few centuries, survives only in Kulhudhuffushi in south Thiladhunmathi Atoll. The performance is initiated by the beating of a number of drums and a "Kadhaa", an instrument made up of a copper plate and a copper rod.

With the music which is emanated from the beating of the drums and the Kadhaa, a large number of people usually about 30 men, dressed in different postures and costumes, take part in the dance. The costumes depict different types of evil spirits and ghosts. These evil spirits or ghosts are referred to as "Maali".

The dance is associated with the traditional congregation of the elders of the island who practise a late night walk around the island to ward off the evil spirits believed to be associated with terrible sickness and epidemics prevalent in the island community. The midnight walking usually begins after the late evening prayer, would continue for three consecutive nights and on the third night as to mark the end of the working the island community will engage in different types of music and dancing. This is a prelude to Kadhaamaali which is the final and the major event of the night.

While Kadhaamaali is being performed, people of different trades will come to the venue on a group by group basis bringing along with them their instruments, displaying their skill and craftsmanship in the form of a dance. Once their performance is over they would simply go leaving the Kadhaamaali dancers who would continue dancing until it was all over by about midnight. At present Kadhaamaali is performed only during festivals. In earlier days the dance was performed by the island folk in times of terrible sickness.


Kulhudhuffushi includes of 6 schools. 2 Pre-Schools, 2 Primary Schools, a Secondary School and a University

No. Island Name Grades Founded
001 Kulhudhuffushi IPS Pre-School N/A
002 Kulhudhuffushi Ameer Ameen School Pre-School About in 1944
003 Kulhudhuffushi H.Dh Atoll Education Centre / AEC Primary School, Grades 1-7 On March 9, 1979
004 Kulhudhuffushi Afeefudheen School Primary School, Grades 1 - 7 On April 25, 2004
005 Kulhudhuffushi Jalaluddin School Secondary School,Grades 8 - 12 On February 15, 1998
006 Kulhudhuffushi Campus Maldivian National University On 2003