Kuljak Island

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Kuljak Island
Nickname: Black Swan Island
Kuljak Island
LocationAscot, Western Australia
Coordinates31°56′26″S 115°54′56″E / 31.9405094°S 115.915534°E / -31.9405094; 115.915534Coordinates: 31°56′26″S 115°54′56″E / 31.9405094°S 115.915534°E / -31.9405094; 115.915534
Adjacent bodies of waterSwan River
StateWestern Australia
CityCity of Belmont
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Kuljak Island, also known as Black Swan Island, is an artificial island in the Swan River.[1][2] Situated between Ron Courtney Island upstream and Heirisson Island downstream, Kuljak Island is east of Maylands Peninsula and south of Garratt Road Bridge.[1] Kuljak Island is surrounded by a number of smaller, also artificial, islets, and is entirely within the boundaries of the suburb of Ascot.[3]


The island was created in 1997 by dredging two channels as a part of the Ascot Waters development.[1] These channels connect an artificial wetland with the Swan River, isolating the site of a former sanitary landfill, thus forming Kuljak Island.[1][3][4] This sanitary landfill was a council rubbish tip for 25 years before being closed in the early 1980s.[1]

Kuljak Island presents “an important backdrop to Tranby House” on the western shore of the Swan River facing Kuljak Island, by offering a view of an “apparently undeveloped” river “against the well maintained house and gardens” of Tranby House.[3] It captures how “the river would have been at the time” Tranby House was built.[3]


Kuljak Island may be accessed by car via Tidewater Way, and by a pedestrian bridge via Samphire Street. A walking trail mapped by the City of Belmont comprises paved footpaths on, and leading to, Kuljak Island.[5]

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