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Glazbeno-scenski centar Kulušić (GSC Kulušić)
Kulušić, Zebra
Address 6 Hrvojeva Street
Location Zagreb, Croatia
Coordinates 45°48′27.5″N 15°59′19″E / 45.807639°N 15.98861°E / 45.807639; 15.98861Coordinates: 45°48′27.5″N 15°59′19″E / 45.807639°N 15.98861°E / 45.807639; 15.98861
Type Music venue
Genre(s) Rock, punk rock, new wave
Opened 6 February 1966[1]
Renovated 1979
Closed 2002[citation needed]

Kulušić was a concert club in Zagreb, Croatia (then part of SFR Yugoslavia), which hosted many famous international acts and all the important acts from the region. It is particularly associated with the Yugoslav new wave acts of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Many Live albums which today are part of the ex-Yugoslav music history were recorded in Kulušić. Film, Bijelo dugme and Azra recorded their live albums in Kulušić in 1981,[2] followed by Buldožer,[3] Haustor[4] and Leb i sol[2] in 1982, and Ekatarina Velika[5] and Električni orgazam[6] in 1986. Davor Gobac of Psihomodo Pop introduced his infamous stage undressing act in a 1983 gig in Kulušić.[7] Bajaga i Instruktori, one of the foremost Yugoslav pop-rock bands, held their very first concert in Kulušić, on April 12, 1984.[8]

Kulušić was a club originally run by the Youth organization and from 1987 to 1993 by Tomo in der Muhlen.[citation needed]


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